Lithium Battery

Recycling Workshop V

Ann Arbor, Michigan

August 8–9, 2022

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Fifth Annual, Two-Day Lithium Battery Recycling Workshop

NAATBatt International, the trade association for advanced battery technology in North America, will hold its fifth annual, two-day workshop, in-person only, on issues in lithium battery recycling and lifecycle management on August 8–9, 2022, at the Michigan Union in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Michigan Union in Ann Arbor, Michigan


August 8–9, 2022

Modern electric car chassis design battery modular platform skateboard module pack board with green recycling symbol sign.  Recycle vehicle components battery cell pack, motor powertrain, controller.


Efficient recycling of lithium batteries in North America is now a top priority for vehicle OEM’s, battery makers and government

The lithium, nickel, and cobalt recoverable from battery recycling will be critical in addressing anticipated shortages of the raw materials needed to manufacture high capacity lithium-ion batteries. Recycling and reusing lithium batteries will also be vital to achieving the carbon reduction goals of vehicle electrification.

The NAATBatt Lithium Battery Recycling Workshop V program will present the latest information about the economics and technology of lithium battery recycling and reuse. Speakers will include leading experts on the economics of lithium battery recycling, the technology of lithium battery recycling, government assistance available to battery recyclers, and regulatory and legal matters related to lithium battery recycling and reuse.

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The Workshop Will Examine the Emerging Options for Battery Owners in the Battery Recycling Marketplace

NAATBatt has invited the leading battery recycling companies in North America that have announced firm plans to develop industrial-scale operations to make short presentations, back to back, outlining their plans. The major vehicle OEM’s will be there to hear what they have to say, and possibly to make some choices.


NAATBatt programs are about making new connections

The program will include plenty of networking opportunities and a workshop dinner on Monday evening, August 8, at the famous Original Cottage Inn Pizza restaurant in Ann Arbor. As always, NAATBatt programs are about making new connections and doing business with other companies active in the North American advanced battery supply chain.

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